A Agricultura Biológica é um modo de produção que visa produzir alimentos e fibras têxteis de elevada qualidade, saudáveis, ao mesmo tempo que promove práticas sustentáveis e de impacto positivo no ecossistema agrícola. Assim, através do uso adequado de métodos preventivos e culturais, tais como as rotações, os adubos verdes, a compostagem, as consociações e a instalação de sebes vivas, entre outros, fomenta a melhoria da fertilidade do solo e a biodiversidade.

Em Agricultura Biológica, não se recorre à aplicação de pesticidas nem adubos químicos de síntese, nem ao uso de organismos geneticamente modificados. Desta forma, garante-se o direito à escolha do consumidor e é salvaguardada a saúde do consumidor, ao evitar resíduos químicos nos alimentos.

A prática da Biodinâmica constitui uma via de reposição dos equilíbrios ecológicos, de melhoramento da saúde dos solos e plantas, de incrementação do nível energético dos alimentos, mas é sobretudo uma via de desenvolvimento interior para quem a pratica.

A prática consciente da Biodinâmica proporcionará experiências novas que resultam das interacções entre os reinos mineral, vegetal e animal. Essas experiências sentidas no íntimo de cada um, constituem um tesouro incomparável para o desenvolvimento da Humanidade.

The first objective of our family company is to sell to our customers products of extreme quality requirement and as close as possible to the original Nature.

Biodynamic is part of this context, actually treatments to our trees are the most natural possible and made within our quinta (teas , decoction of plants, manure of stinging nettles, etc.
Quinta is in total autarky and not subjected to external pollution, all the tools for treatment and fertilizers are developed and recycled within the Quinta .the microorganisms adapted to our earth(ground) are ” our workers “, only the Nature expresses itself and She alone is capable of producing this sophistication of flavors and colors appreciated by numerous starried Michelin cooks


We exploit more than 6000 trees of the Galega variety between 80 and 100 years (with a 1000 year old specimen)
500 trees of the Branquita variety
2500 trees of the variety Cobrançosa (6ans) recent

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil obtained from olives at maturity (black) and of old trees, this oil can be used in salads, to cook ( smoking point of 220°C), or for fruit salads, this oil  deteriorates itself very few along time.o.

Olive Oil Cobrançosa Demeter

Certified Demeter, slightly bitter and spicy

Organic Olive Oil Branquita

Oil obtained from the variety Branquita old trees, olives gathered before final maturity (red/black), spicy and fruity oil.

Organic Olive Oil flavored with our Lemons

Olive oil obtained from ripe olives and flavored with our lemons, can be used for salad, or on fishes after cooking 

Organic Olive Oil Flavored with our Oranges

Olive Oil is obtained from  ripe(mature) olives and flavored with our oranges,to be utilized on white meats after cooking  or on carrots salads , or on cod and monkfish.

Organic olive Oil Flavored with our Garlic

Olive Oil is ibtained from ripe(mature) olives and flavored with our garlic, can be used in salad, either on lamb or cheeses or cod brandade.

Organic  Olive oil is  certified  by ECOCERT, all our oil are stored in stainless cubes with controled atmosphere, packaging is made at the time of the order.


Azeitonas em Salmoura

Olives in Brine

In bags of 250g under vacuum or in jars glass of 200g or in 1kg and 3 kg buckets.


Olive kept in salted water and aromatic herbs , this method allows us to preserve olives  several months . Also allows a natural fermentation which increases the complexity of its taste.


The  Lavendula Stoechas HONEY

In jar of 500g


The honey is a sweet substance, produced by bees from nectar of flowers and kept in the hive to be used as food by the bees. For the human health, it is the totally natural food, besides its function to sweeten help to the smooth running of our body and help  to treat the diseases as cold, seize up, Amigdales, bronchitises, The honey is an excellent source of energy  with less calorie than a common sugar, rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, helps to solve the respiratory problems, the intestinal functions and the circulatory system. The honey has an antibacterial, antiseptic and healing and reinvigorating action.
O mel é uma ótima fonte de energia, e menos calórico que o açúcar comum. É rico em proteínas, vitaminas e sais minerais, auxiliando em problemas respiratórios, funções intestinais e sistema circulatório. O mel tem ação bactericida, anti-séptica, cicatrizante e revigorante


Soap Olive Oil and White Clay

In bar 115g


This soap is made with exclusively some olive oil without any other animal or vegetable fat. It is known as vegetal soap.


The clay is an ingredient more and more used in the esthetic care centers and Spas for the treatment of the skin and the hair because of its numerous properties, particularly the white clay which has a PH close to that of the skin and is  the lightest of all the clays.


Olive Leaves

In bags of 20g.

Verbena Tea (verbena)

In bags of 20g.


The leaves of olive tree possess 4 times more potassium, magnesium, manganese, phosphor, selenium, zinc, copper, than the green tea. These substances are highly anti oxidizing, very effective against the ageing and stimulate the metabolism, which eliminates fats more easily and so participle has a too high reduction in the tensions
Use in decoction (boil 15mn and 5mn infusion)


Of the family of verbénacées the verbena tea(verbena) is a plant native of South America, which by its aroma and pleasant taste, besides its medicinal qualities conquered numerous countries and continents.
It is a relaxant of the nervous system, calms headaches and allows a quiet and pleasant sleep. It is an excellent option for the nervous people.


Oregano leaves

In bags of 200g.


The smell and the taste of oregano, are caused by the essential oils. More sun catch better aroma . The flavor of oregano is spicy, a little sweet and very refreshing . It has an intense smell

Do you know our organic extra virgin oil?