“Courela do Zambujeiro“ in Portuguese means “the Acre of the old olive-tree” name of our property located at Redondo in Alentejo (Portugal)  130 kms east of Lisbon.
This Quinta inserted in a Natural reserve was born from the encounter of Eduarda and Michel


Courela do Zambujeiro is the realization of a dream of child of one of the founders, who having tasted the olive oil of a craftsman olivicultor felt the attention and the dedication he brought to his fabrication, this oil by its quality was only intended to his family and very close friends who valued the importance of this product for their food.

The family of Eduarda dedicates itself for more than hundred years to the production of the Port wine and also some Olive oil in the Region of Douro. the objective of Eduarda and Michel being to develop an organic farming in a land of Protected Nature. This task was facilitated by the Knowledge acquired during the centuries by the family of Eduarda.

When we adquire this Quinta an olive grove of hundred-year-old 400 trees was already planted, immediately we found the flavors of our childhood and woke up in us the desire to realize our dream to produce an excellent olive oil.

Of this dream was born the organic Olive oil Courela do Zambujeiro, in the respect of the Tradition and cultural Values of Alentejo, of the Environment and the Earth which saw being born this project, Oil so pure as healthy.

Courela do Zambujeiro Family

Redondo – Alentejo


Allow us to present you this Alentejo place where hospitality and the simplicity are tradition, where from the ground are born pre history caves , where villages are immaculate white .where villages have streets dressed in colors and paper, where fields are covered with flowers from Vigia up to Picarrel .
where clay is worked out until appears the forms which distinguish it.
where the Culture is served at the table with some honey and some olive oil, with the traditional delicatessen, with the local condiments while observing Ravessa and serra d’ Ossa.

Do you know our Organic Extra Virgin Oil?